The past is beautiful, but it is also accompanied by confusion and pain.

Long-term Plans

Elixir makes me feel settled, and I will spend my next decade(2021-2030) on Elixir and Erlang/OTP.

2021.06 ~ ? | Backend Developer

Maintain backend services at 有知有行.

2017.09 ~ 2021.05 | Frontend Developer

Wrote marketing web pages with vanilla JavaScript, React, BLACKSMITH 2D and PixiJS at YIZ.

Projects created with my own framework - [archived] ft:

Archived addresses may be blocked in Mainland China.

2017.03 ~ 2017.09 | Backend Developer

Learn to be a backend developer writing Node.js in a startup company.

2016.04 ~ 2017.02 | Traveler

Traveled around China. Learn Node.js and Web Technologies. Wrote posts about ECMAScript and tried to be an indie hacker.

2014.08 ~ 2016.03 | DevOps

Most of the time, I played with Docker, wrote automation tools with Python.